Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities for Fall 2016 Program


Are you a passionate, patient, knowledgeable, compassionate, mature, reliable, punctual, inspiring, or motivating college student at Trinity College or Yale University? If you are either of these, volunteer for Inner City Lacrosse!
Don’t hesitate. We can use your help!



There will be both girls and boys teams so both male and female college students are needed! Coaches are required to be students at Trinity College or Yale University, and have lacrosse experience and complete knowledge of the rules. They will be expected to coach for two hours on Sunday afternoon—the first hour will be dedicated to training, and the second hour to games. In addition to teaching the great sport of lacrosse to kids, student coaches will teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect.

Social Media Developer

Are you a Yale or Trinity communications major or just a curious soul who knows how to promote and advertise? Come to the lacrosse fields Sunday during the fall to film, blog, or photograph kids learning how to play lacrosse! Bloggers and photographers are needed to keep the public abreast of the progress of Inner City Lacrosse. There is an entire page on the Inner City Lacrosse website scratching for content. Let’s fill it!

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